The Joy of Alacritty

I have been using iTerm2 for ages and would have continued had a recent update not broken ligatures for me. I am so glad it did, because it lead me to Alacritty.


Alacritty does all the things I need and may even be faster than iTerm2. It is also Read on →

Mark Mynsted

Programming the KBParadise V60 Polestar Keyboard

KBParadise V60 Polestar Keyboard

I recently purchased my first non-Model-M mechanical keyboard, the KBParadise V60 polestar.

KBParadise V60 Polestar - Night
KBParadise V60 Polestar - Day

I like the 60% size, the feel of the cherry MX clear key switches, and the customization potential from its ATMEGA32u4 microcontroller. The original layout of the keyboard did not Read on →

Scala Notes: Getting Started

This is the first in a series of very short articles I am calling scala-notes where I will share my notes and or my favorite links about Scala related topics. Hopefully this will prove to be a motivator for me to mine the giant stack of paper notes I have written about scala… In any case I hope this exercise proves useful for somebody.

Getting Started with Scala

When you get started with a language you need a Read on →

Mark Mynsted

Why Java Programmers Should Avoid Scala

I have been writing Java professionally since 1997 and while the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) continues to dominate enterprise development, that is not all that has kept me using it. I have always liked Java.

A while ago I was chatting about how I found some aspects of Haskell and Go really Read on →

Mark Mynsted

Machine Virtualization as a Development Tool: Part 1


The use of Virtual Machines for web development is becoming ubiquitous, and with good reason.

This is the first of a two article series about using machine virtualization as a development tool. It focuses on the question of what. The second article is found here and focuses on the question of how.

What are Virtual Machines for a software developer?

A Virtual Machine (VM) is a software based abstraction of a physical machine. This abstraction makes it possible to Read on →

Mark Mynsted